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Scheduling appointments in Anchorage and Girdwood, AK

Contact & Fee Information

For more information on Brain Integration, Muscle ReActivation, EFT Tapping, Reiki and my other services or to schedule an appointment, please contact me:
Paula Bogdan
Peak Brain Integration
PO Box 1354
Girdwood, AK 99587
Phone: 303-253-2487
  • EFT Tapping: Sessions are over Zoom


  • Girdwood:   253 Tanner Circle


  • Other Alaska communities
    • Have RV, will travel! 
    • Travel to Alaskan communities outside the Municipality of Anchorage can be arranged.
    • Mobile appointments require a minimum of 2 clients, compensation for reasonable travel expenses, and a $200 deposit prior to scheduling.
    • Please Email or call for more information on upcoming trips.

  • Paula’s rate for Brain Integration is $100 an hour.
  • I offer a 25% discount when treating multiple members of the same family.
  • Members of the military, police and fire agencies alway receive a 25% discount. Thanks for having our backs!
  • If you or a loved one needs  BIT treatment but cannot afford it, please contact me anyway. I am sure we can work something out.
Payment in the form of cash, check or credit card is due at each appointment. I accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.
I respectfully request a 24 hour notice of cancellation. Thank you!
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Please Email or call today at 303-253-2487 for more information.