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"Muscle ReActivation works from the motor cortex of the brain out to

the muscle (from the inside out) rather than working on the muscle
externally (from the outside in)."

Muscle ReActivation

When a muscle is injured, the motor cortex turns off the muscle completely or shortens the range of motion of the muscle to prevent further injury. Sometimes, a muscle remains shut off or shortened indefinitely. This may destabilize other muscles in the area, causing chronic pain, weakness or loss of function.


Crossinology's® Muscle ReActivation Technique uses a combination of Applied Kinesiology and Applied Physiology Techniques to reset the muscle to its original length and function, regardless of how long ago the trauma occurred. Muscle ReActivation has been shown to help with the following:


    • Chronic back or joint pain and/or weakness
    • Recovery from stroke or head trauma
    • Recovery from a car accident
    • Recovery from a surgical procedure
    • Scoliosis
    • Weak Bladder
    • Balance and Coordination
    • Sports Performance