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 "I am able to learn and grow more every day, because every day
is a little easier than it would have been if I hadn't been integrated." 
- Gwen


Before I started BIT with Paula, I was easily frustrated, confused, frazzled, forgetful and  struggled to focus long enough to finish a project. Anxiety ridden, I bit the inside of my cheeks until they bled and clenched my teeth together at night. My mouth was sometimes sore for months at at time.
I was skeptical at first, but I quickly saw changes in myself after every BIT session. From dealing with my sugar cravings, to deep-seated fears and shortcomings, Paula treated me with total patience, respect and thoughtfulness. I now complete my daily tasks with much more patience and focus. My test scores soared, especially in math (something I'd always struggled with, which now comes much more easily). My anxiety decreased immediately, disappeared altogether after a while, and never came back. I am able to learn and grow more every day, because every day is a little easier than it would have been if I hadn't been integrated. BIT made a tremendous difference in my quality of life, and I'm so grateful.
Gwen, college student

My 13 yr old daughter has always struggled in school.  She has a variety of diagnosis and we've tried many therapies.  We went to Paula on the recommendation of a friend.  I was skeptical because we had done other BIT therapy with some, but not much, improvement.


After about 3 sessions with Paula, we noticed improvement in her executive functioning. Throughout the next few months my daughter began actually reading the hands on a clock, and her handwriting improved significantly. When my daughter put together shapes to replicate a pattern on a sheet of paper, I cried.  She had never accomplished this task before and it was amazing.


One of the best parts of visiting Paula, was Paula herself.  She made the task of getting my teen to therapy, easy.  She was kind, caring, informative, and genuinely interested in my daughter's well being. I am excited for her to work with others who can benefit from this therapy.



Paula has helped us immeasurably. Dierdre was diagnosed with dyslexia 2 years before we came to Paula. She was disorganized and could not manage her time. Her backpack, her desk, and her room were in continual disarray. She lost completed homework, and would be up extremely late on school nights doing assignments over again. She struggled to commit information to memory for tests. She struggled to retain her math facts and understand math concepts. Getting Dierdre to bed on time, and then up and ready for school on time was a constant trial. She was easily distracted, and had no sense of the passage of time. She was continually telling us how rushed and stressed she felt. Her emotions were all over the map; she was moody and testy one minute, euphoric and almost hyperactive the next. Average disappointments or altercations would often result in uncontrollable emotional crisis.


After working with Paula over the summer, Dierdre has been like a whole different person this school year. While we still deal with the average messy room of any kid, she is capable of organizing her things with little to no guidance. We’ve not had one lost homework assignment all year. She has maintained a 4.0 with seemingly little effort, compared to last year’s constant struggle for A’s and B’s. Most days, her homework gets done as soon as she is off the school bus without any reminders or oversight. Where math was her least favorite subject before, and I was at her elbow every step of the way in order to help her complete the work, now she likes it. She is largely self-directed in morning and evening routines.  And biggest of all, the emotional roller coaster is a thing of the past; she handles stress, as well as everyday mishaps and disagreements fairly well. 


Paula’s time and expertise have truly been a gift of sanity for us!  Thank you Paula!
My daughter’s Occupational Therapist recommended BIT because after 9 months of OT, she wasn’t making any progress in the ability to focus, follow more than one instruction at a time and she struggled with gross motor coordination. After a few sessions with Paula, we saw definite improvements in Lucy’s ability to focus, and her sensitivities to wheat and dairy disappeared. Over a course of 20 sessions, we saw great improvements to her auditory comprehension and coordinated body movements. She is now able to swing across the playground monkey bars and pedal a bike, both skills I wasn’t sure she would ever be able to do.

Lucy loves “Miss Paula” and looked forward to her weekly visits. Lucy reveled in the individualized attention she got from Paula and really benefited from the touch connection BIT requires. It didn’t hurt that she also got to watch a movie on a school night! I enjoyed the sessions as I learned more about the BIT process and talked with Paula about Lucy’s progress or issues.

I am really glad we found Paula and her BIT practice. It was worth it to be rid of the food sensitivities, but the joy Lucy has playing with other kids on the playground or other places that required coordinated movement now that she can participate, is priceless. Thank you Paula!