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My Story

I am a married, mother of three children. I have not just one, but two children with learning difficulties.  I spent 26 years as a professional in the computer industry before leaving it in 2009 to focus my time and attention on helping my younger children overcome their learning challenges.

We always joked that our middle son was high-maintenance but life became progressively harder as he approached school age. We spent hours teaching him colors, shapes, letters and numbers only to have him forget everything 2 days later. He would ask the same questions over and over and over. He talked constantly but was difficult to understand due speech apraxia. He was emotional, hyperactive, impulsive, and did not understand consequences. In kindergarten, we began our journey of individualized education plans, classroom accommodations and therapies (occupational, speech, and vision). Through it all, I felt we were just treating the symptoms and not the cause of his issues. I spent hours researching diets, medications and therapies. I stumbled on to the Crossinology® Brain Integration Technique website and was intrigued. It took a while to talk my skeptical husband into letting me schedule the first appointment.


We saw changes in our son's behavior after the first session. His 2-hour meltdowns became history. By the fifth session, his handwriting was actually legible. He graduated from OT therapy within a month of completing his integration as he was finally able to cross midline and complete his fine motor exercises. It took a while for him to catch up to his classmates but by 2nd grade, he was reading at grade level. While he still talks a mile a minute, he is no longer hyperactive and is much less impulsive. He consistently receives A's and B's in school and no longer receives any special education services. 


Our youngest son was the exact opposite of his brother. He was very quiet, speaking only when spoken to and then unable to say more than 1 word at a time at the age of 3 1/2. He never had tantrums, showed very little emotion and did not interact with other children. We had him undergo BIT specifically to help his speech. What surprised us is what BIT did for his personality. He actually began having tantrums, a milestone that had passed him by when he was younger. Those quickly faded but we noticed his emotions surfacing. He would get mad, sad, giddy and silly. These were traits we did not realize were missing from his personality. He became opinionated and started taking an interest in other children. He became frustrated in his inability to communicate. Even though his speech progressed rather quickly into multi-word sentences, he was still very difficult to understand. He continues to see a speech therapist to help with articulation and speech dysphasia. He is now a student who loves school, has many friends, an active imagination, loves to tell jokes and has an incredible gift for building. I shudder to think about what type of life he would have had if we had not had him integrated.    

I am so very grateful for what BIT has done for my children and our family. In the past few years, I’ve become alarmed at the number of children I’ve met that have similar symptoms as my sons. I know the exhaustion, frustration and impact learning disabilities have on the entire family. It was through this journey that I found my passion. Throughout my training and 350 clinical hours of case studies, I continue to be amazed at the difference BIT makes in people’s lives. If I won the lottery tomorrow, I would still be doing this work! It truly is a powerful therapy that not only improves academic success but enhances the relationships and lives of the children and adults that undergo it.


I am a full-time certified BIT practitioner, holding additional certifications in Muscle ReActivation, Brain Physiology and Advanced BIT techniques. I would be honored to help you and your loved ones reach their peak potential! Please contact me to schedule a complimentary phone consultation to discuss your specific needs and/or issues.